Private School


Some parents want a more nurturing or even a more stimulating environment for their child than the ones found in some public schools. We help you by focusing on the individual needs of your child. This may include updated assessments for students with specific learning needs. We help you determine what information may or may not be needed. As we do with college options, we support students through the selection, interview, and application process.
The private school industry offers many alternatives:

Private Day Schools
Junior and Traditional Boarding Schools
Learning Disability Schools and Programs
Schools for the Academically Talented
Schools for the Artistically and Musically Talented

Some of the private school options where our clients have enrolled include (in no particular order):

Brehm School Oliverian School Carroll School
Northfield Mount Hermon Fay School Worcester Academy
Brimmer and May Landmark School Proctor Academy
Vermont Academy Walnut Hill School New Hampton School
Providence Country Day School Bancroft School Cardinal Cushing
The Marvelwood School Winchendon School Rock Point School