Sometimes parents are uncertain where to begin. This may include parents of children who have undergone numerous evaluations in the past but still do not have a clear picture of their child’s needs. Some parents are looking for appropriate alternatives for their child, and would appreciate the help of a professional when seeking tutors, therapists, doctors, or other professionals or resources. Other parents are uncertain as to whether or not a private school would be better for their child—or even if a day placement or boarding school would be better! Some parents and students find the college search overwhelming. Sometimes, our clients need advice after an assessment has concluded. With client permission we consult with physicians, psychologists, therapists, tutors, special educators, or other professionals to find the best educational match. While we do not provide specific advocacy services, we attend TEAM meetings at a parent’s request to discuss relevant findings and recommendations based upon our assessments. At other times, additional information may be needed such as an observation within the classroom setting, or parents may want to explore alternative schools or programs. For any of these or other reasons, a consultation may be the best first step.