Many students do not know where to begin, while others have a clear road map. Whether or not you are in the first or the second category—or even somewhere in between—you might need help finding the best fit. We help clients throughout the college process: identifying appropriate colleges, honing interview skills, and completing the application.

The process usually begins at the end of the sophomore or the beginning of the junior year; however, some students are less traditional. We may explore transfer options, graduate school, gap year, and other specialized programs for some students.

Some of the colleges where our clients have enrolled include (in no particular order):
MIT Emerson College University of Vermont
King’s College (UK) Baylor University Washington University
Tulane University Salve Regina University Northeastern University
University of Connecticut Pace University High Point University
Framingham University Lynn University Brown University
Rutgers University Oberlin College University of Arizona
Skidmore College Curry College Stetson College