Our Company


Educational Directions, Inc. was launched in 1994 by Dr. Engelman, with Dr. Antalek joining her in 1995. Our mission was and remains to offer a wide range of professional educational consulting services to address the needs of students in a variety of settings. We were pleased to have Matthew Hart join us in 2014 because his background is a “right fit” for our mission.

As times change, individual needs remain the same: success at an appropriate level of capability provided in a manner that fosters success and self-fulfillment. Our goal is to guide you—providing knowledge of what is possible and available, and balancing that knowledge with your hopes and dreams. In order to provide you with the best options possible, we spend many weeks on the road each year visiting schools, colleges, hospitals, wilderness, and therapeutic programs around the country. We attend conferences and trainings with peers and industry leaders from a variety of backgrounds and expertise. And we maintain cooperative and integrated relationships with counselors, teachers, and administrators in different settings.