Jacqueline D Jewett, Learning Disabilities and Transitions Consultant

Educational Directions Inc. welcomes Jacqueline D Jewett; Learning Disabilities and Transitions Consultant

Jacqueline comes to Educational Directions with 30 years of experience in the special education field directly working with both schools and families. Jacqueline is a nationally recognized learning disabilities, post secondary and transition expert presenting at National Conferences and providing presentations and workshops for schools. These include: How to College and College Transitions, LD support Services – the difference between HS and College, The Parenting Journey, Anxiety and College, Management of your EF-take control of your brain!
Jacqueline Jewett“I was attracted by the company’s mission and dedication to helping guide families to better understand the intricate world of special education. The opportunity to work along side of Marilyn and her team is a once in a lifetime opportunity. , ” Jacqueline said. “I believe that the opportunity to provide positive guidance towards independence and achievement, of students and their families who are negatively affected emotionally, academically or physically by the stigma associated with being different is so rewarding.”
Before joining the team at Educational Directions Inc., Jacqueline worked at Mitchell College, as Managing Director of Student Relations, Education Outreach and Parent Engagement bridging enrollment with advancement, providing a pathway to successful outcomes. Jacqueline cultivated relationships for the college with a variety of constituents, as well as provided management of the five student support departments for Mitchell College.

Jacqueline’s prior experience includes Director of Thames Academy, Director of Education Services for a public Charter School, Associate Director of an International Montessori teacher training program and her private work as an advocate and consultant in the greater CT shoreline for 20 years. This background has helped Jacqueline to make an easy transition into her current position with Educational Directions. Her extensive work with parents coupled with her k-12 Special Education, experiential learning and Montessori background, provide a solid foundation to complement the existing professionals .

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You may contact Ms. Jewett directly at: at jacqueline@educationaldirections.com or 508-870-1515